A better pharmacy experience.

Zipdrug was an amazing opportunity to see into the world of the pharmacy experience. Luckily I'm not one who has to take medications often, so this was a challenge for me to understand what users wanted along with unique business constraints Zipdrug has.

My biggest challenge was the onboarding process. Zipdrug is a pharmacy delivery company that works in certain geographical locations–most buroughs of New York City, along with Jersey City and Hobokken. My challenge was to show the value of Zipdrug and allow users to get their medications in a quick and reliable way. The version that was up was functional but a daunting process. There was no getting around having to collect all those data points to be HIPAA compliant, but I wanted to set a gameplan to see what the design challenges are and to bridge company goals.

I noticed we had a few barriers of commitment. First, can I even receive delivery? Second, how much will it cost me? Third, how much information do I need to get my medications? Along with those barriers, I wanted to understand user expectations and behaviors based on competetive analysis,like: What were the intricacies of getting a medication versus ordering a burger or hailing an Uber or a Lyft? These were the biggest questions that arose while interviewing people receiving medications.

As a platform company, Zipdrug faces a lot of challenges on the end user's behalf. We can't receive scrips directly from a physician, which means that a patient has to input that information. So we have to combat that by providing other values, like price hunting and coupons; we're able to transfer your scrip to a different pharmacy if we find a better price on your prescription. But we had to make the onboarding and prescription input sections as simple as possible in order to retain users.