Prospect Hall

Real money games showcase.

When Betable first launched a games showcase it was the most simple it could be. We had one big carousel at the top highlighting featured games and promotions, and a grid of games below all on one page. Basic as basic could be.

Being a two sided market company, we also wanted to delineate players from game developers, who would publish games on our platform, so we did a quick branding exercise to get to know what players would like to see, and we ended with Prospect Hall.

The biggest challenge was balancing discoverability and familiarity. Users tended to play games they are familiar with, but we wanted to create excitement over promotions and new games. You can see that here, how I've laid out the sections, decreasing the size of the big hero carousel to make room for a promotions list. Another thing I added to the bottom of the page was a sticky bar of games that included favorites and recently played games, giving the users quick access to their familiar games.