A place for creators and patrons.

As Patreon's first designer, I was given the opportunity to develop their product to help them lock down their Series A round.

This is what their product was like when I started. It was very basic, and had a very specific channel to subscribing and donating toward a creator. I wanted to make sure that was changed. We needed something a little more modern, and we needed to make sure that donation channel is available when appropriate.

After this version was launched, I began to analyze competitors in the space of content and creators. I wanted to build passionate communities, so I looked at Kickstarter and Youtube and began to understand what could keep patrons around and keep the creator

My final contribution to Patreon was suggesting a safe forum for patrons only. What it came down to was a space where the barrier of commitment is higher (and monitary), but with that commitment means, these are people that really believe and support the creator. The creators felt safer to ask for input and really involve this particular community into the production of their content.