Redesigning social influence.

The original Klout profile consisted of multiple graphs that analyzed score. The problem: no one understood what this all meant (some of us at work included). This is when we decided we needed a redesign to help people not only understand their scores, but also be proud of it.

After running some research, each of us was able to conduct user interviews with a few participants. We asked questions regarding social media behavior, what people shared over social media and why, and came back with a few insights: people shared their passions and enjoyed engaging with more and more people.

We ended with this redesign, given our research results. We depricated a lot of the graphs, except for the score delta over time. We downplayed the actual score tag, and we gave a little more room for the content and the impact it made over a period of time. We wanted to create a trophy case of the best content over a certain amount of time. This struck a chord with our audience, and they loved this approach much more than all the graphs.