I am a problem seeker. And a problem destroyer.

The Goods.

About Me.

I am a Designer living in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. Coming from a startup background, I thoroughly enjoy thinking fast and falling on my face, but more importantly I enjoy getting back up taking the leap again with enough courage to try something new. Lessons are to be learned, risks are to be taken, burgers are to be eaten. Discovering the beauty in functional products is my habit. Making beautiful functional products is my passion.

Lessons are to be learned, risks are to be taken, burgers are to be eaten.

In my free time I like to do a lot of non-computer work. I try to be as in tune with the physical world as possible. I photograph with film from time to time. Something about anticipation that’s magical to me. Knowing that not everything is instant helps me appreciate the intention and time I put into the decisions I make. I have a personal pact to use the internet for good and not for evil.


Patreon Designer

January 2014 - March 2014

As Patreon's first Designer, I'm currently working on refining the experience of Patreon. I work closely with the entire team, keeping direct lines of communication between the Product and Marketing teams. Taking on resposibilities from research to visual design to HTML/CSS prototyping, I'm keeping busy for sure.

Klout Designer

January 2012 - October 2013

Klout, being my first real gig was a roller coaster of a learning experience. I got some real hands-on product play, furthering my knowledge as a designer who creates awesome utility for people. Working my way up from Junior Designer to Regular (but not mediocre) Designer within a year, I definitely hustled and made sure my voice was heard.

ZURB Design Intern

May 2011 - August 2011

Fresh out of college, I finally understood what UI/UX design is all about. Learning from some of the best in the Bay, ZURB set me up on a launchpad that would get my heart pitter-pattering about all things design. Lessons I learned: Design is for people. Design is functional. ZURB is where I learned to design functional products for people.

University of California, Davis

Class of Fall 2011

After a myriad of Major changes, I finally found the thing that married my love for science, research, and art. Design was and is my passion. I received a BFA in Design with an emphasis in Visual Communications and a Minor in English.


  • A self starter who is hungry, stays hustling, and leaves no stone unturned. Work hard, work smart, stay hydrated.
  • An insanely positive attitude under pressure. Because a friendly vibe is good for everybody involved.
  • Voted coolest costume October 2012 at Klout, Inc. as a Rebel Alliance Fighter on the Red Squadron.